About us

About us

Kirin Group Inc.

We are a dedicated team committing to delivering value and support to both tenants and landlords by offering professional property management and consulting services. Our team has over 80+ residential units under management and 100+ tenants working with us.
Having both been a tenant and a landlord, our team founder realized that there is a fine line we can walk to deliver value to the both sides of the tenancy relationship. As landlords who started with self-managing our own properties, we understand how to deal with the stress and allocate time related with operating your rental properties, from bookkeeping, accounting, to responding to repair and maintenance requests, dealing with your tenants and much more. Most importantly, how to make holding your rental properties actually rewarding without impairing your quality of life.
For tenants, we understand the importance of a support team responding to your requests related to your tenancy, and a reliable communication channel if anything arises.
Kirin Group is founded on the belief that landlord and tenants can form a win-win relationship when it comes to tenancy, if the right management team is in place. After more than 5 years of providing value to both landlords and tenants, we can confidently appreciate both sides of the relationship by applying timely, efficient management approach to maximize the return from the real estate holding for landlords while offering tenants a happy place to call home.

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Why Img

What We Are Offering

  • Property Management Service
  • Leasing and Tenant Screening Service
  • Property Investment Consulting Service

Meet Our Incredible Team

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Yuan He
Management Operator
Team Img
Ryan Colocado
Property Maintenance Specialist
Team Img
Xing Yuan
Administrative Assistant
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Jonathan Schofield
Mechanical Technician Coordinator

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